Max Neubürger
Industrial     Designer

Hi, I'm Max.

26 year old designer from Essen, Germany.

2015   Designer at the "Intuaid" project (
2014 - 2015   Freelance (graphic) design work
2014   Bachelor at Folkwang University (Grade: 1,5)
2012   Exchange Semester at The Ohio State University
2009 - 2014   Studies at Folkwang University
*1989   in Herdecke, Germany

Hi, I hope you enjoy looking through my projects. Each project presented here was either done at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen, Germany or at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.

After I finished my studies in 2014, I started to work on some freelance-projects, which were more graphic-related.
Since the beginning of 2015 I am also involved in a non-profit project called "Intuaid". We are developing an app to help rescue crews and others without medical education through first-aid measurements. My main work there is interface and product design, of course, but I am also helping to create a solid CI and brand experience. More information:

As an industrial designer the influence of a product on it’s user and vice versa is the most important part of design to me. Every detail shapes the way the user interacts with it. I try to emphasise those details to create meaningful prodcuts.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me in the way you prefer:
   Arnikastr. 10        +49 (0) 157 - 867 965 80
D-44789 Bochum

   Download my CV here: English or Deutsch