Max Neubürger
Product         Designer

Hi, I'm Max.

Experienced product designer from Berlin.

2018   Design Manager at K+N Architekten
    Development and implementation of design-thinking-based workshops
2017 - 2018   CXO & Co-Founder at compaio
    Brand, product & UX design, strategy, agile development
    interdisciplinary management, presenting
2015 - 2017   Product Designer at Katana Design
    Co-creation and development of products, designs & deliverables
2014 - 2015   Freelance design work, designer at the Intuaid Project
    Product & UX design, prototyping, communication materials
2009 - 2014   Studies at Folkwang University & The Ohio State University
    Bachelor at Folkwang University (Grade: 1,5)

During my professional life I was able to develop comprehensive skills in the fields of product design, strategic management and agile product development. The diversity of professional responsiblities shaped my way of leading and working with interdisciplinary, solution-oriented teams.

If you want to talk about potential collaboration feel free to contact me you prefer. I am certain, that I'll be able to contribute to your ideas and vice versa.
   Sophie-Charlotten-Str. 46        +49 (0) 157 - 867 965 80
D-14059 Berlin

   Download my CV here: English or Deutsch